Submission Guidiliness

Manuscripts must be submitted online, with the following steps: 

  1. Online paper submitted in the portal E-Journal of International Journal of Economic Social and Technology (IJEST), Link:
  2. Select Menu REGISTER on the homepage, author registering as a Writer (Checking role as Author) at the address:
  3. Once the Writer login as Author, click on "New Submission". Stages submitting an article consists of five stages, namely: (1). Start, (2). Upload Submission, (3). Enter Metadata, (4). Upload Supplementary Files, (5). confirmation
  4. Start the section, select the Journal Section (Full Article), check all the options
  5. In the Upload Submission, please upload the manuscript file in MS Word (doc) article in this section
  6. In the Enter Metadata, data enter all Writers and their affiliates, followed by the title and abstract, and indexing keywords.
  7. Upload Supplementary Files in part, is allowed to upload files data to support or cover letter or another document.
  8. On the Confirmation, please click "Finish Submission" if all the information is correct