About the Journal

International Journal of Economics Social and Technology is a manuscript publication media that contains the results of scientific research in the field of Economics, Social, and Technology that applies peer-reviewed research. Manuscripts published in the International Journal of Economics Social and Technology contain the results of scientific research, original articles of new scientific reviews, the International Journal of Economic Social and Technology (IJEST) accepts manuscripts in the field of research which include scientific fields: economics / Islamic Economics, Human Resources Management, Management Marketing / E-Marketing /Digital Marketing, Management Financial, Accounting / E-Accounting / Islamic accounting, Taxation / E-Taxation, Entrepreneurship, Marketing Information Systems, E-HRD, Financial Technology, Technology in economics, System Information Management, Banking / Islamic Banking, Agribusiness/Agricultural Economy, environmental, Public Administration,  International Politics and Security, Media, Information and Literacy, Politics, Governance and Democracy, Information Technology Infrastructure, Knowledge Management Systems, Project Management Systems, Geographic Information System, Enterprise Architecture, Supply Chain Management, Customer Relationship Management, Intelligent Decision Support Systems, Business Intelligence, Business Process Modelling, IT Audit & Assessment, Software Engineering, Process Mining, Data Mining, Data Visualization. International Journal of Economics Social and Technology Published 4 times a year March, June, September, December